// Build templates with what you know and trust : Google Docs !

Unleashing the full power of Google Drive, taking the hassle out of creating beautiful templates.

Templates are ordinary Google Documents with place holders. Whenever you print a document, your template will be copied over to a new document and the place holders are being replaced by the actual values.

But that's not all. To help you set all these place holders we are offering an integrated user experience that will guide you in setting up your own house-styled, fancy template. Make sure you read all about it in the template designer's guide.

We still support Microsoft Word® templates, but these are deprecated. You can still read about creating templates with Microsoft Word on the legacy templates page

// Samples for an easy start - adjust with your own flavour ...

Below you find sample templates that are publicly available in the Google Docs templates gallery.

// The template designer's guide

  1. Start out with one of the sample templates

    The easiest way to create a template is by starting with one of the example templates provided. When you signup, we already copy some example templates on your Google Drive that you can start editing immediately. To start create a new template of your own, browse the template gallery and choose the template you like best as a starting point.

  2. Enable the built-in template builder that helps you set the place holders

    Clicking on 'use this template' will create a copy of the document on your Google Drive. Now be patient for the menu item 'Billable Contacts' to appear on top of the template. Choose 'Install template builder' from this custom menu. You will be prompted with a consent screen. Go ahead and grant permission for the script to run.

  3. Hello, template editor !

    When the script has run, a sidebar will appear on the right handside, embedded in your Google Document. In this sidebar you find a list of all possible place holders for your template with description of what the value represents when you hover above a field. Now place your cursor anywhere in the document, and click with your mouse on the desired place holder and it will automagically be copied into your template at the cursor position. That easy ! You will notice that the invoice items section is marked as table. That's because there will be a list of several invoice items that need to be replaced. You must put the invoice items in a table and the printing process will repeat the table row for each occurrence. It will be obvious from the provided example templates.

  4. Start using your brand new template and enjoy

    When you are happy with the look and feel of your template, it is time to start using it. Login to your Billable Contacts account, navigate to template by clicking the templates icon in the menu bar (look for this ➛ ). Now click on 'add print template' and select the template we just prepared. That's all folks. Whenever you print, you will be offered your new template. You can add as many templates as you like

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