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// Centered around your clients

bedrijfsprofiel inrichten

Billable Contacts focuses, well..., around your contacts. We help you nurture your contacts by offering a context-aware view that groups all information and actions around who really matters : your clients !

// Deep Google Drive integration

Google Drive en Docs integratie

Setup your templates on your Google Drive and have your invoices generated onto your Google Drive. Export your data to Google spreadsheets. Live the promise of the cloud : access anywhere, anytime, any device to your data !

// No hassle, but intuitive

quick functions

Usability is our core concern, so no unnecessary clicking or navigating but the right function elegantly embedded where and when expected or needed.

// Real-time VAT verification

online btw controle

Enter your VAT registration, hit enter and watch the company's name and address being filled out for any registered EU company.

// Carry your contacts

Google contacts integratie

Bidirectional sync ensures you have all of your customer's info at your finger tips, so you don't have to call the office to check for the address next time you go on-site.

// And so much more...

  • item inventory

    easily setup your item inventory and get auto-complete functions when add them to your invoice
  • full text search

    search for any text to find invoices, contacts, companies, items, e-mails ...
  • unlimited invoice templates

    add as many invoice templates as you like, e.g. when trading under different brands
  • e-mail your invoices

    send out your invoices as PDF attachment using predefined e-mail templates for notifications and reminders. Setup your own e-mail templates.
  • dynamic online reports

    online data visualization tools give you instant insight in your cash flow and turnover
  • track payments

    easily keep track of incoming payments and keep an eye on your cash flow
  • localized versions

    so far we support English, Dutch and Polish, while working on French
  • VAT tariffs

    setup the VAT tariffs that apply in your country and supply your defaults or per item
  • full freedom in your templates

    use Google Docs to customize the layout of your invoices.
  • invoice numbering

    personalize how your invoices get numbered and in what format
  • business rules meet real life

    so you shouldn't change sent invoices but that was just a typo ! what the heck, we allow for that.
  • credit notes

    but when you have to, you can of course create the credit note you need
  • recurring invoices

    setup recurring invoices that can automatically be printed and e-mailed out to your clients

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